Education Law

What You Need To Know 

Education law is a complex sector of law; it involves many issues concerning the representation of children without access to education or special education as well as students who face unfair discrimination. It is important that all parents know that according to federal law, students are entitled to free and appropriate public education.

Attorney Walling will work with the student’s parents, teachers, and other involved individuals who need guidance when it comes to student’s rights, school safety, discrimination, teacher’s rights, special education, and more. We are happy to work with you to educate you on your rights and take the appropriate steps to defend those rights. Feel free to call us to schedule a consultation.

Attorney Walling’s Experience

As a school board member of the Hamburg Central School District between 1993 and 2001, Mr. Walling experienced education issues from the perspective of an insider. Since entering private practice in 1995, he has represented teachers, parents, children, and school districts in cases involving special education placements, employee discipline matters, and employment disputes.
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